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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 29, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> it's changing the conversation from focusing on no means no to yes means yes. >> right now at 11:00, cracking down on sex crimes in college. a potential new law could help stop the rise in sexual assaults. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm janelle wang in for raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. ask permission, give consent, and do it explicitly before sex. that's the gist of a bill sent
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to governor brown aimed at curbing sexual assaults on california college campuses. the yes means yes legislation redefines what rape really is and spells out for school students and administrators what saying yes to sex really means. annette miranda joins us live from the uc berkeley campus that's one of the schools criticized for its poor response to sexual assaults on campus. >> reporter: that's right. but uc berkeley is implementing new policies regarding this, even before sb 967 becomes law. the old way of thinking no means no puts the burden on victims. yes means yes puts the onus on would-be aggressors that not resisting or not saying anything does not constitute consent. >> i was assaulted in february 2012. >> reporter: attacked by the same man, four uc berkeley students, including sophie came
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forward to report their sexual assault to campus officials. but the senior says nothing was done. she was victim number three. >> they didn't follow up with us on the reports. they didn't really complete any sort of investigation. they didn't talk to any of us after that. >> reporter: california lawmakers sent governor brown a bill that aims to prevent sexual assaults on campus by requiring informed consent. in other words, yes means yes. both parties have to say it or use body language that means yes. >> you can't use the excuse of oh, we were drunk. so i couldn't tell. you can't use the excuse of he or she never said no, he or she never shook his or her head. it's now there is no explicit yes? there is no yes. >> reporter: the yes means yes bill also requires schools to do more to help students who have been sexually attacked and create an environment where coming forward is encouraged. otherwise, their state fund cog be withheld. >> i look at it as a huge step
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forward. it's really ensuring we are putting student safety first, and it's really going to make a big impact at how we look at our policies moving forward. >> there is lots of ways to express yes. my favorite is yes. >> reporter: under fire for the way it handled cases in the past, uc berkeley has already started teaching incoming freshmen about informed consent and the resources available to them. sophie thinks that and a proposed yes means yes law are great first steps. >> people had had faith in the process and had gone and reported and had been disciplined, removed from campus, then i wouldn't have been assaulted. >> reporter: the national coalition for men considers this proposal an attack on the male species and questions the due process rights of the accused. governor brown has a month to act on yes means yes. live at uc berkeley, nannette miranda, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, nanette. a high school track coach is under arrest, accused of unawful sex with a myron. francisco lopez works at san jose high school.
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officers arrested him this morning. he faces three felony charges. lopez is a campus assistant as a well as the track coach. investigators are asking for any more potential victims to come forward. a walnut creek police officer on the wrong side of the law. gregory thompson is accused of attacking a woman with a baseball bat while he was offduty. police arrested him two weeks ago after receiving calls about a masked man in a richmond neighborhood. after the arrest, investigators found a badly beaten woman hiding in the bushes. they later found a ski mask and baseball bat inside thompson's car. >> we had already gone to bed. and started hearing a thumping, banging noise, sounding kind of similar to a car door slamming but just happening over and over again. it's been very quiet over there. so no real activity at all. and this incident is so bizarre for this neighborhood. >> so far no charges have been filed, and police are not giving out any kind of motive for this attack. all they have said is that
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thompson's deceased relative was the owner of a home in that neighborhood that was recently vandalized. continuing coverage now. the south napa earthquake and new images from that morning. this is video from the moments the quake hit from cameras at the yard that houses the napa valley wine train. you can see all the shaking the cars violently on the tracks while transformers explode in the background. the quake did force the popular tourist train to shut down last sunday and monday as well. it has since reopened after the train tracks, bridges, and all the trestles pass inspection. now reopening is the big word everyone wants to hear in napa tonight there was a little bit of celebrating as businesses welcome holiday travelers. this won't be a typical labor day holiday weekend. nbc bay area's jean elle is live in napa with a look at what you'll find. really, it's a dichotomy where you go. >> reporter: it, jessica. right now on main street, it is hopping there are still lots of buildings downtown that are off limits. but they are not scaring people away.
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it feels like a regular friday night here downtown. which is a big relief for people who still have a lot of cleaning up to do. ready to escape earthquake cleanups, people in napa enjoy a concert downtown. they're celebrating a reopening at westin. the hotel is still yellow tagged and working to clean up water damage, but guests started checking in at 4:00 for labor day weekend. >> currently we have a limit number of guest rooms available, and they are occupied. we already have guests in the hotel right now. and we will be increasing that inventory as things move along. >> we've got lots of different answers. >> reporter: david cohen and his wife arrived from boston, relieve they'd had a place to stay. >> they're open and they feel confident that it's going to be safe, then i feel confident with that too. >> reporter: while businesses recover, there is still lots of work to do. the firefighters museum needs to move out of the yellow tagged building. the staff at san francisco's bluxom winery is organize have
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some tears. >> it would be a lost if they some of those unique treasures. we're hoping to load everything up and get it out. >> reporter: over at the first united methodist church, the congregation had a red tag barbecue tonight. >> i just love this church. so it was really disturbing to see what had happened. >> a wall is separated from the sanctuary. pieces of ceiling fell on pews, and the pipe organ is mangled. it will be a long time before this congregation returns home. >> i feel so much better now that i see everyone. because it's -- it's hard. but, you know, we'll be fine. >> reporter: it's been a long, emotional week for lots of people here in napa. and in the coming weeks, many people will need financial and physical help. and if you would like to help, go check out the website, the napa city website that has lots of information on how you lend a
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hand. jean elle, nbc bay area news. we have promising news for people who live in napa tonight. water service has been restored. work crews have been making repairs around the clock ever since. crews fixed the final ruptures today. our coverage of the napa earthquake continues online at we're going to be posting the latest updates throughout the weekend. you can watch an interview with the mondavi family about the damage at local wineries at high-powered rifles gone without a trace from the last place you would expect. military grade rifles have seemingly vanished from two bay area law enforcement agencies. >> the guns went missing from the napa and san mateo county sheriff's departments. nbc bay area's derek shore is live in redwood city tonight with what both agencies are saying. derek? >> reporter: yeah, good evening. there is the list right here, including those missing guns. tonight san mateo county sheriff's office tells us they have put policies in place to
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make sure no more guns go missing. but it doesn't answer the question, where are those missing guns. they are large military grade weapons, over three feet long. so how could they go missing? according to a recent audit, the napa county sheriff's office couldn't account for one of its m-16 military grade rifles. while the san mateo county sheriff's office couldn't find two. the question is where are they, and if they're in the wrong hands. >> we are very concerned about that. and we try to get on that as quickly as possible to find out where it is and work with the agency to better their accountability. >> reporter: cal eos which performed the audit tells us the guns were on lone from the federal government, part of something called the 10-33 program, where unused military women is loaned to local law enforcement. both departments have been suspended from that program. >> there is a difference between missing a sleeping bag and missing an m-16 rifle or other pretty volatile piece of
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equipment like that. firearms is a pretty high level thing, especially if it is something from the military. >> reporter: tonight napa county told us its missing rifle was stolen, while san mateo said it was still trying to locate them, saying, quote, the san mateo county sheriff's office took the matter very seriously and established a protocol with the federal government and state of california in order to ensure that a similar situation does not come to pass in the future. retired sheriffs lieutenant and law enforcement expert mark garcia tells us he has no doubt the departments are not taking the incidents lightly. >> they need to get to the bottom of it. i'm sure when they do their investigation, they'll at least find out where the breach was. >> reporter: and san mateo and napa counties were not the only departments in the nation to have lost equipment. about 200 in fact have military personnel or military equipment missing at this hour. and that includes actually some humvees. we're live in san mateo in redwood city, i'm derek shore, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, derek.
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49ers will be without star linebacker aldon smith for the first nine games of the upcoming season. the nfl suspending smith for violating the league's personal conduct and substance abuse policies. now the suspension wraps up nearly two years of off-field trouble that has plagued smith's career. a lot of fans we talk to understand the nfl's decision. >> i think this nfl commissioner is definitely making a statement that we mean business. you act like good citizens and you act like good people in and around the community or else we're going to come down on you hard. >> now smith will be eligible to return to the 49ers roster on november 10th. shortly after the nfl hand down its punishment, the 49ers released a statement from general manager trent baalke, quote, aldon has taken responsibility forbe his actions and has continued to show growth personally and professionally. we will continue to support him, but it is time to put this matter behind us and focus on
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the season ahead. our coverage continues online at where you can watch a series of investigative unit reports on aldon smith's legal troubles. that's at i think it's absolutely deceiving. it was always deceiving. >> they're hiding in your favorite foods, even though the labels don't tell you about them. next at 11:00, an important warning for shoppers about some misleading nutritional fax. and then a creepy crawley discovery at sfo. what one smuggler tried to sneak past agents. plus, facebook's new experiment that might make you want to delete any embarrassing posts. and right now we have somewhat muggy conditions around the bay area right now. temperatures in the mid-60s. this after a gorgeous sunsets in some spots around the bay area, heading towards the morning. we'll see the numbers in the upper 50s to low 60s. drizzle possible around san francisco. i'll have a look at a complete labor day forecast when we come right back.
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when you grocery shop, do you look for fat-free products? the package might say one thing, but the ingredients tell another story what is inside. here is nbc bay area's ian cull. >> reporter: when you head to the grocery store looking for something healthy, and option that says trans fat free may look like a good choice. >> i think it's absolutely deceiving. >> reporter: but researchers at the new york city health department check more than 4,000 food products. nearly 400 of them contained trans fat, and most of those claim to be trans fat free. >> the fda allowed anything up
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to.5 grams fat to be labeled fat-free. >> reporter: she says the ingredients will show if there is trans fat in the food. >> the label does list the trans fats here. the consumer certainly has been fooled by just looking at the zero trans fat. >> reporter: friedman says she is more concerned when people sit down and eat half a box of cookie, even if those are fat-free. >> to me the problem is not the trans fats that they're getting in the cookies. it's all of the calories. >> reporter: and not surprisingly, she thinks people should eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains, but says having some of your favorite desserts is okay. >> i think it's fine to have some processed foods. no one is going to live without cake or cookies. >> reporter: and friedman applauds the industry for efforts to cut transfats out of foods. >> ten years ago, thousands of foods contained it. so the industry has really made great progress. >> reporter: so the best advice for the consumer, be sure to
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read the labels to really know what you're eating. ian cull, nbc bay area news. exotic visitors at sfo caught without the proper permits. that's them. border patrol agents seized 20 giant african millipedes at the airmail facility operated by the u.s. postal service. an x-ray scan prompted inspectors to take a closer look at the styrofoam box coming from germany. the lake said it was supposed to be a toy car. not a toy car. they found foot long bugs eating leaves. it may have been an attempt to smuggle exotic pets since the box did not have proper import permits. why did they let me do it, directed to government workers who let her slip past security checkpoints. in a jailhouse interview yesterday, marilyn hartman says she's not the one to blame. >> have i tremendous respect for tsa. in every airport i've been, they've been hardworking under a lot of stress. and the fear is almost please
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don't go through my line. but have i been directed to a line where i could go through and make it through security. >> it was a rambling statement. marilyn hartman has been arrested three times this month for boarding planes or loitering at armt airports without a ticket. she was arrested in tucson and san jose and for boarding a flight to l.a.x. without a ticket. an emergency landing in the east bay today created an unusual traffic hazard. the pilot of this single-engine plane landed in a field right next to highway 4 in discovery bay. it happened just before 6:00 p.m. when the pilot reported engine problems. fortunately, the pilot landed the plane safely and was not hurt. the faa says the plane is registered to a florida man and was on its way to the concord airport. lurt. let's check things out with meteorologist rob my yad dachlt i'm tongue tied because it's
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almost labor day weekend. >> we're seeing low clouds around san francisco, which could bring some misty skies heading towards tomorrow morning. if you have been outside this evening, we had a picture-perfect sunset around the area. not due to the low clouds. you're seeing a little bit of that in san francisco. but mid and high-level clouds coming in. a look at one of the photos by one of our viewers in a moment. mid-60s outside right now. here is a look at some of the patchy low clouds. over towards oakland, not so much around san jose. but higher up in the atmosphere was the mid and high-level clouds, which brought us pictures like that around san jose. great picture there by jean right around sundown. those tropical clouds, they're really amazing picture there's with the orange and pink in the sky. so that is the source of that beautiful sunset. this moisture, which is still streaming off the former hurricane marie, tropical storm marie, now just an area offshore which is feeding in moisture toward the bay area there is a chance with all the juicy air higher in the atmosphere we could get a brief sprinkle or an isolated shower just overnight.
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now, as we heads towards tomorrow, we'll see a lot of the moisture start to move off towards the south as a trough to the north scoots the mid level moisture away from the bay area. then the trend for the rest of the weekend will be warming temperatures in the valleys. on the coast, probably not a lot of change. you're going see patches of low clouds from half moon bay. sunshine at times down around santa cruz. but for the valleys, as we head towards sunday and monday, you'll see the temperatures climbing on up. for tomorrow, mostly 80s inland. but we could see spots approaching the low to mid 90s by monday. lots of 60s across the board. as we head towards lunch time, notice toward the tri-valley running into the mid-80s. also san jose down towards morgan hill, some of the warmer spots we'll see in the forecast for tomorrow as the temperatures are mainly in the 80s inland for tomorrow. but then we'll see the temperatures climbing up even more as we get towards looks like monday. labor day monday should be the hottest day for in the next three days. for our friends in napa from last weekend's earthquake, they would love to have you up there. in napa this weekend, we'll see
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similar temperatures to that mid- to upper 80s. monday the warmest day there. up towards redwood national park, it's the one place to maybe escape some of the warm temperatures. some low clouds. 70s though, around monday. pretty nice day to head out there. out towards shasta and trinity, you'll see the pictures. chico and redding climbing into the 90s. closer to mt. shasta, in the 80s towards lake tahoe. looks great for the weekend plans. we're not expecting thunderstorms around the sierra. rather temperatures in the upper 60s to near 80 there on monday. for the high sierra, temperatures a little cooler. mid-70s. and morning temperatures not all that cold. and towards yosemite, you'll see temperatures climbing up close to 90 on monday. notice the seven-day forecast. you'll see some cooling as we head towards tuesday and wednesday. tomorrow near 85 degrees in san jose. over towards palo alto, you have the stanford cardinal hosting davis. you'll see temperatures around kickoff, 1:00, 83 degrees. other temperatures around the bay area. highs in the mid 80s in santa
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rosa. close to 90 in pleasanton. and notice the temperatures dropping once we get out of labor day weekend. monday, mid-90s, low 90s around livermore. and then the temperatures only in the mid-80s and breezy come wednesday of next week. back to you. >> thank you very much, rob. still ahead, new technology that could help you find a new job without your boss finding out. we'll be right back. (vo) ours is a world of passengers.
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ahmed fareed joins us from the comcast sportsnet studio. the niners defense takes a major hit today. >> yeah, i think that surprised a lot of people on the length of the thing. aldon smith suspended for nine games by the nfl. he will lose $1.24 million of his $2.43 million salary this season. he will not be eligible to return until november 10th. now the breakdown of smith's longer than expected suspension reportedly stems from four games violating the league's substance abuse policy and five for violating the personal conduct policy. for more on what this means to the team, let's bring in our 49ers insider, matt maiocco. >> huge blow. there is no way to sugarcoat that from the 49ers standpoint. aldon smith was really starting to play well. and he seemed focused. he said he was will the best
11:29 pm
shape of his life. and he felt like his mind was right. and he said he attributed that to his sobriety. and he was really playing outstanding football. so this is definitely a huge blow for the 49ers. >> surprisingly, the 49ers actually performed better during the voluntary leave of answer, going 5-0 with fewer points against. the 49ers did manage 1 1/2 sacks fewer per game without smith as well. how about some baseball now. we have giants and brewers. we have a star out there. manny pacquiao and chris algerie taking batting practice. they look like boxers. to the real baseball players. hunter pence singles up the middle. pablo sandoval scores. we have a knockout blow early. in the boxing theme, buster posey in the triple valley. two runs come in to score.
11:30 pm
buster posy tied a career hits. 5 for 5. the giants win 13-2, their most runs scored this season. huge win for them. a's trying to get a huge win in anaheim against the angels. bottom five, chris iannetta. coco crisp, does he visit? you didn't know right away. and he did visit. and then he didn't have it. so close. over the wall. now coco does go down hard. he would leaf the game with a neck strain. he is day to day at this point. it would be a big loss. the a's lose 4-0. so they're three back of the angels now. de la salle versus jesuits, high school ball. played in berkeley. opening kickoff, de la salle anderson 99 yards for the score. then on the first jesuit possession, a block punt. score on the next play. the spartans dominant in this one. they win 63-0. more news after the break. latte or au lait? cozy or cool?
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doubly good. not only is it the regular weekend, it's a holiday weekend too. >> one extra day. take your pick. north bay hiking. we're going to see temperatures in the 70s closer to the coastal mountains, around the peninsula. biking close to 80 degrees. yosemite will see temperatures closer to 90. notice the next three days. monday the warmest day for
11:34 pm
places like san jose, san francisco, and the tri-valley. will see numbers in the 90s. more so i think by monday. but look at wednesday. that's a big drop as you start to see cooling temperatures towards the middle part of next week. so labor day weekend we're going to start off with some humidity tomorrow. maybe a little bit of mist around san francisco and the coast. clearing skies. a little less humidity and warmer temperatures come monday. >> perfect for barbecues. >> i think so. >> thank you so much, rob. we will see you next weekend. next weekend. what am i talking about? you'll see rob this weekend. >> we'll see you tomorrow. bye-bye. >> have a good weekend, bob. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jon hamm brit marling martha stewart


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